’s 2021 and I’m attempting to live my best life

Reading my posts from two years ago, life was completely different.

My current reality…Grad school got significantly harder, I’m a single parent of two pre-teen daughters, 4 dogs and a full time job…the hardest part about the past year was losing Chris. The sorrow hit so deep, I thought I might die from the sadness. At the moment, finding small increments of time to enjoy simple things like watching K-drama’s with my girls(some of our favorites are Crash landing on you, Boys over flowers, and Inheritors), spending a few minutes in the early morning hours watching new content on KHJ’s Youtube channel and Facebook and my Bible study on Proverbs. Of the seven principles, wisdom is a keeper. Sleep mostly escapes me, but I have managed to find a few nights of long slumber. I look forward to slower days, simpler tasks, and future adventures. But for right now, I am content in this moment.